Bhujiya Toast

two slices of toasted white bread

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Okay folks, the first one out of Max’s closet, aka kitchen is one of my favorite dishes. Let me warn, this is not for men weighing above 80 and women weighing above any thing that they think is ‘fat’. 🙂

Bhujiya toast is one of the simplest dishes to make. All you need is-

  • Sandwich bread slices
  • Cheese spread (flavored or plain as per your taste)
  • 1 teaspoon ghee
  • Bhujiya Sev (preferably made by Haldiram’s or Chandu)
  • Tomate Sauce or chatni to taste.

And, of course, you must also have a gas stove and a toast maker or tawa. Okay sorry, no more sick jokes. Here is how to make the bhujiya toast.

  • (Assuming you cant find the toast maker) Heat the tawa on high flame for about 2 min.
  • Grease the bread slices on both sides and put them on the tawa. Temper them till they turn golden brown on both sides
  • Remove them from the tawa. Apply cheese spread on one of the slices and tomato sauce/chatni on the other.
  • Now sprinkle bhujiya sev on both slices and join them together to make a sandwich.
  • Enjoy your sandwich with your favorite chutney or sauce or simply eat it just like that.

Bhujiya Sandwich is a filling, yummy and easy to make breakfast. For a different taste, you can also use pepper or black salt and a cheese slice.